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peoples flashes

2008-03-02 16:45:00 by DanaC

A lot of flashes on Newgrounds are very well drawn, it's just like watching a movie or something, but some them you just really get bored of quickly. i know the flashes that I made isn't really good drawn, like watching a movie or anything, but the reason I make flashes is just for the fun of it, yes it can be better as for many many more flashes on this site. when I submitted a flash, i don't be worried if it will pass or fail, I'm just happy I actually made one. I'm not very experience with the flash making but hopefully with guide billy bean I will be able to make movies, games as good as the ones on newgrounds and have fun with it also.

peoples flashes


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2008-03-02 20:52:01

Yes, my guidance will... Guide you.

DanaC responds:

well thank you


2008-03-02 20:56:27

Very wise, but some people might get the wrong message with your flash and get really pissed.

DanaC responds:

i dont really care what other people think